VIAgingTM Deceleration Trial Using metformin, dasatinib, rapamycin and Nutritional Supplements (bio-quercetin; bio-fisetin; glucosamine; nicotinamide riboside; trans-resveratrol) in Reducing Clinical Measures of Aging in Older Adults

If aging itself is the ultimate cause of such a huge number of deaths worldwide, it stands to reason that if medicine could target aging, instead of its consequences, the benefits would be profound.

The total population of people aged over 60 years is expected to double to approximately 2.1 billion by 2050. Older adults experience multi-morbidity and it is the main risk factor for a shorter life expectancy.

The importance of focusing on aging as a primary interventional target to improve the health of millions of Americans, and possibly countless more worldwide, has increasingly become a more emergent need among academia and industry.

Gerontological research has accelerated in recent years, and investment in aging-oriented startups has skyrocketed.

Most of the work in industry and the academic world is focused on the development of new, and often exotic treatments for aging. While this work could yield powerful new treatments against aging in a seven-to-ten-year timeframe, we believe that using safe, existing medications and supplements, when combined, may be able to have a significant effect on aging right now. There is an urgent need for a novel approach to age-related multi-morbidity, using drug development focusing on the processes that drive diseases.

The ViAging Deceleration Trial is designed to explore the safety and efficacy of taking a combination of medications and nutritional supplements, that individually, in previous studies have shown, may affect the signs of aging.  Further, these studies suggest the possibility of increasing health span in humans and alleviating other biological indicators of aging related diseases.

This trial is designed as a pilot study so that we may take eligibility criteria, measured outcomes, sample size and monitoring into consideration as a foundation to inform for a larger study of significance. If it can be shown that the step-wise introduction of these interventions is safe and effective in altering biological (structure and function) measures correlated with biological age, a tool will have been validated in an attempt to possibly improve the lives of millions of people. In addition, this study will aid in the development of an aging index to test as part of the larger study in efforts to advance the field of aging research.

The ViAging Deceleration Trial is not yet recruiting however if you are interested in participating in the study you can provide your contact information and you will be contacted when recruitment commences.

Please note that your eligibility cannot be determined prior to the opening of the study’s recruitment period.

For more information about the ViAging Deceleration Trial including inclusion/ exclusion criteria please follow the link to ClinicalTrials.Gov