How long will the VIA Longitudinal Study last?

The Longitudinal Study will last for 10 years. However,  your participation is voluntary, and you may leave the study at any time.

What are the requirements for the VIA Longitudinal Study?

Potential participants over the age of eighteen (18) are asked to complete three simple requirements for the VIA Longitudinal Study, to include:


  1. Completion of the online Informed Consent form
  2. Completion of the one time online Baseline Health Questionnaire and thereafter  you will complete the shorter Annual Health Questionnaire for the next nine (9) years
  3. And completion of the required blood work (Age Management Panel) within two months of your enrollment. Then, each year for the next nine (9) years thereafter you will complete your annual blood work within a two month window of the anniversary of your enrollment.

How do I enroll in the VIA Longitudinal Study?

Your participation in the Longitudinal Study is critical to the advancement of our understanding of aging. To protect your health and make it easier for you to participate, VIA Research Group has created an online platform which contains the following study forms: Informed Consent form, Baseline and Annual Health Questionnaires, and Surveys.  Ensuring that you can safely contribute to the Longitudinal Study from the comfort of your home.


In order to participate online you will be required to follow the website link and create a 2-step login system, which will require you to provide your name, phone number, email address, create a password, choose a security question and provide a security question answer before you can continue on to the Informed Consent form and Health Questionnaire.


Please make sure you write down your login information and keep it safely for future use. You will need this information each time you login onto the site. Also, please give yourself plenty of time to complete the Informed Consent and Health Questionnaire.


Once you have completed your Informed Consent and Health Questionnaire you will receive an automated notification by email with a link and instructions for completing your annual blood work.

Can I enroll into the VIA Longitudinal Study if I live outside of the United States?

At this time we are unable to accept new participants that reside outside of the United States full time. Participants who have dual citizenship, and are able to travel back to the United States during the same two-month window every year, for ten (10) years, will be able to participate in the study. For example, if you travel to the United States every May, you will need to complete all the study requirements in the United States between May and July every year.

How do I complete the annual blood work?

Once participants have completed the online Informed Consent form, an automated email will be delivered to the email address you entered in the Login form, that will include a link for  to purchase the blood work. This message will also provide the exact dates, or time frame you have to complete the blood work.


*Please note that the Age Management Panel consists of two different panels. To read more about the panel, click the button below.

Will Medicare cover the Age Management Panel?

No. While most of the biomarkers in the Age Management Panel can be obtained by going through your insurance provider and primary physician, Medicare has specific restrictions on tests covered for participating in a study. The VIA Longitudinal Study of Aging’s Age Management Panel does not meet those requirements.

Can I ask my doctor to order the tests through Quest or another lab besides LabCorp?

No. Laboratories often use different procedures and techniques to test their samples. To maintain scientific validity and consistency, participants are required to utilize LabCorp for the Age Management Panel, and Omega-Quant for the Omega-3 Index and Fatty Acid Profile. Life Extension contracts with LabCorp and Omega-Quant and is the most economic vendor to obtain the required blood testing for the study.

Does Life Extension conduct the VIA Longitudinal Study?

No. Vitality in Aging Research Group is a separate entity. Life Extension is just the vendor being utilized for the blood testing.

Do I have to pay for additional testing?

No. All additional testing is voluntary. Additional testing may require an additional fee depending on donations and cost of testing. You will be provided with details of the additional tests offered, including pricing, once available.

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